The End is here..

The Final Shoot? Id say so.. Here are my snaps from the minty.fresh / thacko photography day out in the deen with Kei Chan.

As you can see by the pics.. She is sooooo dirty! This was the idea, it show’s the ‘used’ look representing the time iv owned her, This car; despite her “Glamour” shots and features in magazines.. was used daily.. an all weather interceptor! Sitting as low as you could go.. showing a new path for the ‘low riders’ that you CAN drive a car every single day of the year only being an Inch off the deck.

Point.. Game.. Set.. I’ll let the photo’s do the talking.

So.. There we have it, This chapter is almost at an end.. and what a hell of a ride its been. Japan is only 18 days away, Its not decided 100% if i’ll return this time round, All I know is, my days there are being booked up fast.. What with the Tokyo Auto Salon covering possibly now 3 days, A Daikoku Futo Meet organised by Dino and the guys on the GTR. A few trips up to Ebisu to see Andy and get some drifting lessons from D1 Stars Team Orange…

Tis going to be rather epical.. More to come on that! For now.. I have hostels to book!

Oyasumi Kei!


The End is here..」への2件のフィードバック

    1. Cheers – I wouldnt think so mate, The miata is a Project Budget car.. alas, Iv tempted to bolt on a Super Charger or a stupid big snail to see how she goes! 🙂


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