Purple’s a fruit!

INDEED – The follow up from the previous post, More Poker, Aero mending some purple antics too.

The second official “Minty.Fresh” Poker face off was a great success, turn out of Jay, Kyle, G, Gav, Lynch and Myself. I dont actually recall who won that night in all fair’ness, I’ll check up, We need to get another one on the go though, thats for sure. I myself was knocked out fairly early this time round – Going for an all in confident in great success alas.. I failed with a double pair by a straight.. what are the chances. So, I decided to ‘fix’ my broken URAS bumper with some white cable ties and a lick of paint. Looks amazing imo!

Yup so there you have it – Today TK and Myself decided to take Kei out to get a final shoot done since he’s leaving for Houston next week, And when he’s back I’ll be in Japan.. So wont see him for a while, With some new spots we’d come across. Full shoot on route – Until then I’ll post up a quick edit to get things flowing.

I also got a nice little piece of ‘fan mail’ today – More on that to come, but tis rather funny if I do say so myself.

Course all day tomorrow; Fun times.

Ja Ne x

p.s. I was stopped today in the Bonocord by a lad asking.. “Hey, are you that guy that was in the magazine?” Nuts huh! lol




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