MFC : Party, Poker and Purple

minty.fresh had another yet monumental poker night last evening. More pics to come up front, but for now I leave you to ask the questions.. on what and why?

Went for the ‘cow spot’ look – which epically failed on me.

As you can see, My new found party Skill would be repairing busted aero…… meh, I was content.

Poker Face is on – Only the freshest though.

And here are the results – This morning I woke up at.. 5pm, Yeah night time :/ Woke up to hard frost.. but I had stance to sort out, And its not just a case of the right height, fitment.. the whole package needs to be 100% or it wont cut it. With lack of clearance on the rear I had to wrap up and get it done.

werd – now to get my ass back to town and get the drink on.. I got alot of catchin up to do for it!

Mata Ne x



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