A VISUAL REP : Lynch’s Coop

The day Lynch turned up at my door with his new coop, it was like a breath of fresh air.. The same but different I said to him. It was a nice feeling to see another green coupe roll round the empty streets of Alford.

lynch's coop

Within no time at all I got to work with removing those fantastic JDMyO decals on the car, tearing the what can only be described as gashly red badge off, and removing other random crap for example the fire bung in the rear.. to which, im still a tad unsure why it would be placed in one of the most random locations be it.. Anywho, He’s not done anything to this car yet.. with Beats and coil’s to go on, along with some other tasty treats.. this car has potential to become the follow through from the best coupe in the shire..

What I must say thought, the previous owner of this car did some good things.. OEM Full pre-facelift lift kit, stamped int the book as an optional extra. OEM Fogs and some nice S2K seats (not my choice, but the look nice) – Im sure it shant be long before Lynch can take the levels up on this coop and getting to the grade MFC needs.

On the Japan front I have less than 50 days to go.. and im gone. Cant Wait!





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