ITS A HOVERCRAFT.. not submarine

Last night didnt go to plan. Some serious down pour had caused the roads to be in a zone of their own.

On route into the deen last night I came across what can only be described as a River / Lake. Entering at around 40-45mph I managed to destroy the front URAS Aero and rear perfectly! The damage was epic!

Swinging for the hazard button and my phone I ran out to venture through the shin deep water and started to wade through grabbing as much parts of the Monkey Magic kit as I could! Shortly after an Impreza decided he had 4 wheel drive and NOTHING COULD STOP HIM!.. fail. He broke down due engine problems.. then as I was venturing back through the water an on coming car caught my eye.. not due to some real nice bumpers, or fancy lights.. but at the sheer speed! Entering the water at around 60-70mph he must of made a nice smelly mess in his driver seat.. twat.

I turned around to find a tsunami heading my way! Ducking for cover I could do little but await my fait.. Now soaked from head to toe.. phone soaking.. aero dead.. new Osiris Bronx’s destroyed… wasnt going to well. After letting the water drain from my phone I called up Gav and got the International Rescue Service on route.. Gav turned up with light in hand and I begun to cable tie the aero back on to get my wet ass home.

I woke up to..


Im currently working through many photo’s of the damage to file a complaint against the council for due lack of care of the road conditions while severe flooding was happening. Really ponder why im spending so much on road tax a year.. when I could be spending the money on a boat or something?


Ja ne



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