TBW Consist’s currently of only 2 known member in the world. The minty.fresh Ichi Go, and the VIP built for Touge RX8; owned by non-other than Shaz.

This RX8 Sports some seriously big names. From the Fujita Engineering a.k.a. FEED Aero, the Advan Model T5’s to even the KIC’s Wheel nuts! No corner has been short handed on this car, and no other car sounds close to the F1 Sounding Rotary powering this machine.

Luckily for myself, Shaz was up in the deen for a JDMtas meet, which is when i got my chance to snaps some pics. Alas.. looking back, I was seriously lacking ability and the lens put me to shame. Thankfully Thacko will have taken better pics, but until then.. here we go.. TBW’s RX8!

Now this car wont just be found pottering down to the shops.. its set up for downhill touge.. and from what iv already experienced, not much comes close!



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