Doune Hill Climb; Joys of 1/1250 Shutter Speeds

Thats right.. ISO Setting at 1600 and a shutter priority of 1/1000 to even 1/1250.. just to get some kind of photo. Needless to say with the ISO being so damm high to compensate for the lack of light from the tree’s and shutter being open for very little time.. the noise is epic! Anyways..

Doune Hill Climb – Im not going to pretend I know what this Is all about and post up times and names or locations etc, I’ll post what I know.

Al was heading down.. after reports along the lines of .. “Yeah, It’ll be epic.. by far the best hill climb out of all of them!” I was kinda excited to see what the scope was.

Picked up at a nice and early time of around we set off down south to hit this stage up – If you can make anything out from the pics, this stage was very much like a Touge in ways. Narrow road, barriers in case of that more than common off in the rain.. this place was fast paced, alot of action and some nice tyre burners!

Off to bed.. day visit tomorrow..




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