JAE : Part 3 – The s15oc Shoot

Being an active member on the s15oc I took it upon myself to organise a photoshoot. Last year I wanted to sort one out, however.. due to severe Kopparberg intake.. it didnt happen.. this year, I made sure.. it did!

9 s15’s Present; along with 1 RC s15 made this a good turn out for the club – With the s15 Silvia still being a rare car to come across throughout the UK, its hard to gather enough together to grab some snaps for the club.. luckily, JAE.. was a perfect place for it!

As you can see there is a perfect selection of mild to max tuned up s15 Spec R’s.. the only thing were missing.. is a yellow one in the mix! haha. Thacko has snapped some pic’s too so looking forward to those!

Mata ne




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