JAE 2009.. the aftermath

WELL….. Thats it done, for another year. My last possibly JAE aswell Id think? Big thanks to Fuggles and the team for making sure this weekend past was one to put in your diary.

JDMtas won the best stand on show, which obviously.. in my biased views, was more than well deserved! Congrats to the rest of the team and the members for class A effort, some minty.fresh cars and some great input throughout the whole weekender! Top Class to all involved!

This year’s JAE was off to a bad start.. with me not being too well at 6am in the morning, then thacko breaking down due to an over heating issue, it left us a good few hour’s behind the JDMtas convoy. Needless to say, we made good time and got there with no further issues.

Fantastic weekend – This is part 1, Iv got another 2 parts and a s15oc photoshoot to get up. Keep Tuned.



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