PREP FOR JAE : Stance 101

Well with JAE being the main concern this last few weeks, Iv been determined to get things right for the show. Since this will be the last time im attending in a while, I wanna make sure we hit hard.

I picked me up some more Spacers to help present the weak offsets on the volks – After some drives, It was clear the sidewall wasnt too sure about becoming best friends with the archs.. In these pictures, the car’s actuall on a Jack at the rear so that explains the ‘gap’.. Anyway.

I went about adjusting the camber and removing some spacers to try save my tyre some.. these Yoko’s are terrible so more negative camber the better .. quicker they’ll die, quicker I can buy some RE050A’s again! Various issue’s day after day found me sideways on full lock last night resulting in broken Wiring Looms.. Bent Arch, Torn inner arch on the other side.. 1x Minced Yoko and various other issues..

After a day today of amending the camber, stiffness and stance yet again.. i ‘think thats her now sitting how she should be.. Time will tell in the morning I guess. Iv also replaced the old Irn Bru (MOT SPEC) washer jet bottle. Added some more Option Decals, cleaned the inside etc and went through all my mini discs for the road trip down lol.

I then got cracking with the bumper mesh.. cut+test fitted, sprayed black and then sealed on. Added a plate braket too to keep those nasty pigs at bay.

That is all.. think its about time for sleep now, thats alot of pic editting on an almost dead comp.

Oyasumi x

p.s. The Event Iv been waiting for 12 months now.. is happening, tomorrow.. expect no fruit updates, but keep an eye on the twitter feed on the right .. 😉 see how banterful I get. Also.. Japan, thats right.. why your here in the first place.. only 4 months to go, and im outa here!



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