minty.fresh .. we need you!

Friday was busy. After the help from Dan during the afternoon I was called upon to help a very serious problem. Nat’s Miata was getting treated to a set of brand spanking HSD coilovers… only one man could do this job correctly..

I knew if I didnt head into town, then the MX would never be sitting how she’d want to be.. I took it upon myself to set the game straight from the go ahead. A real minty.fresh possy call up.. Dan, Jay and Cam had already been at it with the rear’s of the Miata and begun work on removing the front end.

During this time.. myself and cam had a prick about with lights, camera and some action.. then it was time to get to serious matter.. drop it like its hot.. followed by a sudden ‘loss’ of the C’s.. Sorry Nat 😉 you know its how it needs to be..

oh yeah.. got more spacers too 😉 pics on route..

mata ne…



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