HOW DO?!.. : S-Body Wiper Fix

Well.. Last week we suffered some serious down pour.. 2 day constant rain may not sound like much, however you would be surprised how many roads quickly sunk into the north sea.. how many car’s turned into small scale sub’s .. the chaos this cause throughout Aberdeen was wild!..

On the second day of the rain I woke up as I do at 4am to start a morning shift, Waking up to hear the rain belting off the roof window was a bad enough feeling as hearing Radio 1 blasting through the tiny little speakers of my clock radio. Needless to say it got worse. My heaters had seemed to have decided to stop working, no big problem I thought, im wearing a jacket.. however shortly after.. the window wipers gave up the goat also!

Slightly hacked off I proceeded to work and was determined to sort this after words.. thankfully the rain quickly died and i could crack on – Turned out to be a Knuckle joint had popped off.. but wouldnt go back on, common on s14’s and not so much on 15’s i figured id put up a “How-To” for the other owners on the OC. Enjoi.

Explains its self.. kinda, but i’ll jot up some notes when I can.. also in middle of making the “ Guide to Japan’s Car Shiz” – Which will be available to Download when Im done.

I’ll post up a link to the OC when its up.

Ja Ne


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