TIME FOR THE DECK + dub’ness

It was time to bring the s15 back down to where she should be.. the deck and no where else. Its low.. but it could be lower.

HUGE ASS THANKS TO T-KUN FROM THACKOPHOTOGRAPHY.COM – For yet again.. another mad tight weekend of Fixing, breaking and perfection! Also.. big shout out to Kyle for taking my bumper from Kinghorns to mine! LEGENDS! Ripped the old Arch’s out of the 15 (dont need dat!) and took her right down.. sporting some nice new brakes and a new URAS Bar along with a set of uprated Fli 7’s and Fli 1200watt Sub she’s looking and sounding.. awsum. Had a few other things to attend to such as a new oil change, added with a Driftworks Magnetic sump plug and re-furbed brakes all round with the addition of some modification to the HKS system with new bolts.. just ugh.

As you can.. there’s a new ride on the “minty.fresh” drive way?.. Where the hell is the DC5 you ask? Its gone.. and been replaced by this super clean 125mile on the clock Mark 6 Golf GTi. My dad’s new ride.

With speaking of swapping the rims asap with some dish and some droppage iv done a quick shop for him to get him in the mood.. Good for me too in a way, the vdub scene needs some love every now and again too 😉 And im curious to see how low this thing can go .. not low enough im already betting..






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