4 Days gone..

Well with 4 days of rest booked up from work.. I looked forward to having some long lies in.. late night drinking and possibly some party antics on the go? Alas.. Iv been fooled by that damm car, yet again!

On Monday I decided to go for adjusting my front Camber. One thing led to another and I was in with the C’s adjusting the ride height yet again thanks to the help from Scotty. We decided to tackle the new THS Elbow and HKS Front pipe id gotten off the s15oc. Easy we thought .. ha :p

With some swearing, blood, sweat and of course tears (You cant forget the tears) we got the OEM system off and went to fit the new one. Al came round the following day to spend the whole time with me fitting these new goodies and working on the HKS system to sit straight.. with some majour problems we got it off the stands and i took it into town on Tuesday night for a JDMtas / JAE Meet. To find.. the boost had gone up, power was feeling quick however something wasnt right. Also.. Id noticed the Suspension wasnt right either.

Wednesday the car went back up on all 4 stands and Scotty came back to help me at taking the elbow/pipe off and refit the OEM one along with full adjustment on the coilovers on the rear and to copper grease them all round.. oh I had forgotten to mention, this whole time we were waiting for parts to turn up from Driftworks Ltd.

So.. With the old system off we got some new nuts (due to rounding the OE ones) and re-fitted the OEM system. Split the metal cable ties and re-fitted the exhaust back to how it was. So basically 4 days of work. So nothing. Eventually after a few phone calls to Interlink.. the Driftworks parts arrived (no sooner than 4pm though) which was far too late to be taking the subframe off. We then went to work on the rear coilovers.

So off the stands she came and its booked into a garage to get the clutch fitted. All in all.. a great failure however, the suspension should now be 100% dialed.

Mata ne




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