Alford Sprint Day

The Alford Transport Museum held the next round of the Scottish Sprint Championship.. this being Round 9. With it held only but a stone throw from my back garden (No Joke) I had no reason not to attend. Manning up with Kyle and Al we headed on down.

FINALLY! Iv done them.. out of 200 snaps, I narrowed it down to 39. Some nice cars to be seen and some good times set on the oval8. Car of the day for me was the EVOX sporting Advan rims, Carbon everything and 2x Bride seats nicely painted on the rear by non other than Japanese body shop that painted the Signal Auto tuned world famous R34. Mazora is the name of the Chameleon paint used on the backing and its these little things.. that made that car .. so much better, than the rest!

Another good wee event to show face to and have a laugh. Cheers for getting me up Al man :p haha – Check Al’s Car Stuff blog for more snaps of the event.

Oyasumi x


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