Applecross.. the true touge! : Part 1

Well what a road indeed – Myself and Scotty headed on out yesterday to hit up this now famous road in the hills. The Applecross Pass!

Gathering the tools, jack, water and some camera’s we set off after changin out the Volks on the rear for some of the JDM rims that turned up with the car off the boat with some fresh tread just for the run. Unsure on the journey time but was around 4 hours give or take.


We got a good few runs in and stopped for aload of picture’s too – More info + Pics to come in Part 2 as im off to work now.


We’ll be heading back to this road at some point.. Got home around half 1 in the morning so not had a chance to see the video footage. But its in HD.. win.

Mata x



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