A Visit from The Tyre Man!

Well after me neighbour and a certain Mr Thacko told me about a man named Norman with a van.. I was interested. After the crail drift day i had gone through 4 tyres that needed changed out ASAP for the Applecross run tomorrow and also crail drift day on Sunday.


A phone call later and Norman was round the next day (Just now infact) with all the tools you could need to change out the ‘down to the bone’ Bridgestone’s and swap on some tyre’s sittin on a set of Scoob rims thanks to mr Al himself.

Didnt take long, Fully balanced and new valves. He’ll be keeping an eye out for some part worn 16’s and can also.. get this, take in Bridgestone RE050A’s… So possibly i should skid up the Volks? Hmm..

Norman owns the company and is set up for this area (Aberdeenshire) So if your in need of 1,2,3 or 4 tyre’s changed over, Give him a buzz or an email and he’ll be round to your door to do the work! Top Lad.

His Site : http://www.tyredevotion.co.uk/

Norman’s Contact Number : 0845 22 44 185 or 07967994502

Or Email him here

Once again.. Big thanks for today mate




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