Boyndie Sprint

Hosted up near Banff in the north of Scotland, Surrounded in a very tranquil bunch of ‘windmills’ .. no house’s around, little roads or traffic.. however the noise of Boosted Evo’s, v8 Kit cars and tyres screaming all over the shop made this all a little bit.. surreal.

This track is actually used for Karting, however every now and again some of the local’s from the hill climb clubs, sprints etc get together for another round of Sprint action. Setting times and having some fun.

As you can see there were alot of cars out there on the day – Weather was great and there was some great competition from some of the Evo’s and Formula cars.

We ended the JDMtas road trip day off with a drive down the east coast towards Peterhead and stop for lunch before heading on home to the granite city. Going to get some snaps up from NEM shortly!

Arigato, Ja Ne


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