Crail Aftermath..

What i forgot to mention on the previous post was about my off..

I was aiming to skuff the tyres on the apex, In the middle of the transaction i clutched to the right.. skuffed one tyre then linked to the left and hit the tyre wall slightly harder than expected.. snapping the cable ties and sending the bumper flying.. no problem, so i popped the boot and stuck the bumper on there and off i came.. Little did i relise that in doing this.. i scrathed the hell out both my rear wings AND freshly painted boot lid.. gutted.

So, Stubert came round this afternoon (on his day off note) to help sort the damm mess and get the car back to its usual clean status.. Since after all.. i need to sell this pretty shortly!

While Stu was busy with the 4000 wet sand paper on the rear i set to work on trying to fix the never ending lip on those damm MFC Edition Volks. Thankfully we restored the shine and using some of Stu’s magic Menzerna 3.02 Polish. Do say its done the trick.. well.. see for yourself.

The bumper however.. has defo now seen better days, the new URAS Monkey Magic bar should be here this month fingers crossed and the legend himself, Midger’s from over on SXOC has given me some tips on how to get the s15 sitting super happy on track.

With another crail day coming up in less then 2 weeks followed by another SXOC track day.. im already itchin for the future seat time.. Magic!

Oh yeah in terms of the Japan side of things.. things are also on the go ahead! With over a month booked off from work in January im beginning to get my dates set and plans planned to get some of the local drifters from Misawa Airbase’s car shot and done! Some good lads over on – Check it out!

Cant wait to begin my travels.. and if the s15 sells, I’ll be setting up shop in Tokyo by August time! Fingers crossed anyway.

Mata ne x



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