Crail Video – Doori Day

Well the SXOC/Team Lochstop organised a Crail Drift day for the members of both forums held last saturday at the Crail Raceway in Scotland.

I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get this damm s15 sliding for the first time in public. Id like to think she performed really well and apart from going through some tyres I had ZERO mechanical faults all day – Score!

I was a tad nervous and on the road down along side my co-driver Scotty we faced alot of rain.. kinda worried me a tad as I just hate drifting in rain! Anyways.. after a few laps of the oval the place started to dry up. Entering in at around 20mph through puddles.

Here’s an in-car shot of me on the oval – This would have been around my 3rd run, 3minute runs at a time.

Apart from one off into a tyre wall the day was rather fun filled! I ended up in the passanger seat of the s15 while a local hero named Midgers took her out for a spin on the full track to get my confidence up. After being out in that then followed by his own 5door R33 it was time for me to saddle up.

Jay jumped in with and about 5minutes in i was hitting entry speeds of 95mph and an average of 80mph 3rd gear clutch kicking. Was epic fun! Here’s some snaps from others since I didnt have the camera in hand.

Wanna post up a huge thanks to Thacko, Weiner and Devius for the snaps. More found on

Got some more video’s on route too

Arigato x



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