mintofruit… dead? : hardly

Been real busy as of recent folks Im afraid.. funny though i actually got emails asking If i was ok :p to be honest there’s not been much going on to post up.

There was a JDMtas meet the other week however I forgot my camera – Iv got a drift day held at Crail next weekend however I dont have a car as of still.. both the Silvia and and Miata are both in the garage’s for work to be done in time for the day.

So here’s some snaps i editted up of the Salon just go get more content on up in here.

I’ll need to get some more content up here but through work, and personal projects im working on its just about finding the time.

Also will be heading back to Japan in January for the next Tokyo Auto Salon trip.. only this time, i’ll be there for the full month of Jan so expect ALOT of contect there abouts.




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