Another S-Body hits the shores

Late Spec s13.. SR20DET, 2 Way Diff (?) Wangan Wing and some random Bodykit.. and we have Gav’s latest toy. Imported over from the holy land courtesy of DCYimports, this white 180sx has now hit the tranquil streets of Aberdeenshire’s quaint little village.

Certainly was a sight to be seen.. the 180 and the Ichigo rolling through together, the looks were photographic to say the least. We rolled on out this fine early summers day to snap some pics of the 2 S-Bodies meeting.. for the first time.

I’ll let the pics do the talking.

Plans are in the air to get a nice new URAS front bumper, some mega dish and some slammage to meet the ride height of the s15. Alas.. both these 2 Silvia’s currently have some issues.. with my Turbo/Manifold gasket gone and his lack of boost (Unknown issue at this moment) there next to no Drifto Action for the go ahead.. all in due time though!

Oyasumi ^o^ x



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