MFC.. Gen 1

MFC is short for “Minty Fresh Crew” – A ‘crew’ created many moons back when this place didnt have such a thing.. the idea came from myself, after seeing alot or JDM drift teams.. USDM Bawler crews i figured it was only but time.. to start something fresh..

The reason for Gen 1 is due to the sheer amount of people who wanted to be apart of the crew.. Myself and Thacko bought new cars and decided to title up MFC Gen 1 and Gen 2. Although now adays there isnt really Gen 2 and its just simply “minty.fresh”

Today MF has spread world wide.. In Japan and the US of A. Soon to hit the shores of Canada soon too ^^ Minty Fresh aint just a name now though.. its a title. 

We all know our roots though.

Mata ne x



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