EDC Round 2 : Knockhill

Well the JDMtas crew rolled on up for a stupid o’clock start to head down to the EDC / Time Attack event held at Knockhill this weekend past. To say we probally had the best stand there.. would be an understatment!!!


There was alot of great drifting going on this trip round.. some skills to show from the DW Possy and also alot of dudes out there to get their Licence’s etc. Well done to all on the day.. the pressure seemed in the ‘ON’ position however everyone did a shit hot job!

My pics are herra lame but for some reason i dont care, was such a good day anyway so thats all the matters. I took around 800 pics but the above was all i wanted to edit haha.

Got me a Drift day coming up next month with the SXOC which should be awsum banter! Need to raise the 15 up tho.. took her to Wallace today to get a gasket done to find.. it was far too low to work on, scapping the sills sorta low.. bawler.

Laters – Ja ne x




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