Track Scotland @ Knockhill

Friday the 1st of May, I finished work and headed over to meet up with Stu and Steve. Both proud ‘Real’ Honda Type R owners, I had been invited along to head down to a track scotland event held at Knockhill. 

How to pwn an Ultima GTR
How to pwn an Ultima GTR

I jumped in Stu’s  Integra Type R (DC2) and we headed down the road with Steve’s Civic Type R (EK9) – Spoogle in his s14a, Gus in his 106 Rallye with ITB’s and Pidge with his Ibiza Cupra. We arrived down around 6pm for start time – Got the last 5 minute’s of the brief and headed out to the track.

I stood at the sidelines to snap some pics while stu decided to put the DC2 to the test’s with the new BC Suspension set up and some Toyo R888’s – A rather fantastic track set up, although to say his brake’s werent up to spec.. was an understatment. After around 10 laps in the brakes had crumbled down to nothing! He was running AP Dixcel Plain dics and Type M pads, Making it a rather short.. yet none the less, enjoyable day for him.

I then got invited out into the “Spoon Tuned EK9” – It would be a bold statment to make to say that this could be the cleanest EK9 in the UK, Although it really wouldnt be that far off. With a full range of Spoon products ranging from the brake Caliper’s, to the ECU.. This 9200rpm machine was a weapon on the track. Really makes me miss the b18 set up in my old EM1.

After a few laps in the above happened to this poor Ultima, Rumor had it the rear transmission locked, sending the driver straight into the wall.. staff were rounding up the carbon fibre wings and bumpers and making a little pile in the corner.. such a shame to see it this way.. even worse for the owner, considering he wasnt even driving! ¬_¬

As you can see, This event was held of all sort’s of cars. From Skyline’s and Civic’s, to Ultima GTR’s and Porsches. Pidge got his Ibiza sold and Its safe to say.. bar the brake pad issue’s and the alternator belt on the DC2 (hehe ^^) It was a great day to be had. 

We stopped in past a beefeater on route home via Dundee for some healthy scran in to set us up for the drive home. Thanks again to Stubert for the lift down and back, and to Steven_EK9 for the cockpit rides! 

Arigato ^^



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