Granite City Rally : PART 1

I know i know.. where was part 2 of the BANZAI day you ask? Its coming – I just got so excited to view these rally shots, I had to edit them up now!


Im going to start off saying something some of you may not expect.. I dont like Rally. I can understand the work that goes into it, the thrill of doing it etc.. however, Its not my thing. Id rather not sit down and watch it, however.. when I got offered the chance to go along with Thacko and Jay to the granite city rally this past Saturday, I went.. not to try change my mind, but for the Photography.

You see.. I Since I have started taking snaps with my cameras, I have always wanted to be able to do motorsport pic’s, And every single time.. Iv failed hard. Im determined to sort this weakness out and work on it. After a full day of shooting with Thacko and Jay trying out heaps of new settings Id like to think.. I finally got the shots I was after. Not perfect, christ not even good.. but so far, im really happy with them!

Thanks to thacko for letting me stay over – We cleaned up the whole camera, checked out lens etc and I used the Circ Polarizer for the first half of the morning. After Saturday though its shown me that as far as motorsport photography goes.. I really need to invert in a new lens.

Things are going to be busy though.. Heading down to Knockhill for a track day next friday – At a rolling road tomorrow with Stu’s s14 kouki at Wallace, JDMtas meet on the Sunday and im organising a trip down south for the SXOC Weekender! Awsum Stuff!

Arigato ^o^



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