BANZAI : Crail Raceway : Part 1

Banzai Magazine hold an annual event up here in Scotland at the Crail Raceway – Each year is full of Japanese car’s from all around Scotland, Drifting.. 1/4 Mile, Models, Food and… Sun?.. well, Sometimes lol….


This event seemed alot more tame than the previous. Not to say the cars and drifting wasnt on form though. Some of the local Tramp Drifter and Team LochStop lads were out to impress and put on a good show for the on-lookers.

I got to go out in Mick from Ultimate Vehicle’s JZX90 and Midger’s R33 5 Door Skyline for some of the nicest drifting Iv experienced in a long time! 70mph Entry speeds on crail’s tight corners is something you really need to experience .. amazing!

My day didnt start off too good.. After stretching some 215’s onto my 9″ Volk’s I had a blow out on the dualer at around 75mph.. Lots of smoke and some sideways action found me stranded to the Space saver and limited to 50mph the whole way down.. Needless to say help was in hand, Midger’s just ‘gave’ me two s14 rims with legal tyres to get home.. the man, is a true legend! I’ll let the snaps.. do the talking.

This is only part 1 – Part 2 will be coming up with more snaps, including convoying home with Iain from over at Status Unknown and Dan the Man.. along side an R35 GTR. The first iv seen on the UK Roads – Including some video’s

Oyasumi ^o^ x


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