Lets go for a walk.. In Osaka

This morning myself and Scotty were talking about how we got into the whole ‘Drift Scene’ and from where it all started. We figured out the first time we had experienced any real form of Dori Dori was in the industrial Streets of Osaka, Japan.

While staying in Osaka we had asked a few people about “Kurimo Drifto” which was one of the only phrases we knew. After speaking to the dude in the Hotel he showed us a path to an industrial estate on the side of Osaka to where he used to Drift when he was younger, and that we might be lucky to find something going on there.

We headed off that night.. 2 JR Trains, A Subway, a Tram and we went off by foot for several hours walking around heading on a whim with our ghetto spec map in hand. Eventually we found the place.. but nothing, no cars or anything. We Found some motor bikers and although super super skethy, like the gaijin Iam .. I proceeded to go up and speak to this biker gang with the very little Japanese i knew. With luck, we were onto something! We were shown the way to go and little did we know it.. we then went onto witness the first Streeto we’d ever seen! It was awsum! However.. we had no clue what the cars were…. Turns out looking back, I now know they were 180sx’s with the Ichigo front ends. All i knew after that night was.. “I want one of those!”

These pictures where taken around Osaka back in 2006. The pics arnt so good however iirc i was using my Fuji s7000 back then. The lad in the 180sx Ichigo front end cruised past us on our way home.. He then stopped at the side of the road to check his tyres, however we got speaking with him and not too much longer he was burning up the streets in front of us for the camera, Hitting some great dori round the central reservations of the motorway 🙂 Legend. Some skills to be shown that night, Was epic.

The next night we met some local drifters in the main street of Osaka, They rolled on up in a fully caged up drift spec PS13. While they stopped out side Maccy Dee’s we got a good look and chat to the driver.. That car was Epic.. although he had no room to take us for a spin 😉 hehe.

Vid of the 180sx <– CLICK HERE!

Arigato ^.^ x




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