Lets go for a walk.. in Tokyo

Looking through a collection of snaps I have collected over the years, I felt the need to post up some pictures Iv taken from in and around the land of Tokyo. From Asakusa to Akihabara.

The thing I like so much about Tokyo is that it somehow managed to find a way to combine new with old. Sights such as the Audi Forum building show how up to date the city is yet.. 2 minutes down the street, you’ll find some classic edo period buildings.. Its fantastic!

Here we have some local snaps of Asakusa, my home from home. This place is fantastic for those who want to see some of the classic Japan, yet close enough to jump on the Ginza line and get to Ueno. Also snaps from the Ueno Zoo of Tokyo. Some flower gardens in Ueno and also some snaps around Akihabara. 

That day I got filmed for Japanese TV. I was interviewed on my Journey’s around Japan on previous locations I had been to including Nara, Kyoto, Osaka, Yokohama etc etc. What I was up to in Akihabara that day and what else I had planned. They were so surprised I had come all the way from Scotland on my own 🙂 hehe. They took a copy of my Camera’s media card – To which I then relised may not have been such a great idea… Many many pics of JDM chicks on there 😉 hehe. Awsum

Mata ne x




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