JDMtas April Meet – First of the year!

JDMtas a.k.a. Japanese Track & Street (www.JDMtas.com) is the Japanese owners club built for peeps keen on the JDM / Track / Drift scene, Co-Owned by Myself and Mr. Thacko (www.thackophotography.com) – Mainly based in the North East of Sunny Scotland, We have members ranging from as far as the US to Japan. 

Monthly meets are held on the first Sunday and usually between 6pm-8pm. This meet was a good’un, Alot of new cars for 2009 and alot of new members showed face. Alas.. before I started snapping, I reset my DSLR settings by mistake, and only just now relised.. all my photo’s came out terrible. Oh well.. epic fail.

Not too chuffed with any of these snaps, Thacko got some good ones (found on the TAS boards) Also – Didnt say in yesterdays post, Big thanks to Scott for helping me fix up my ghetto rigged bumper. Arigato dude.

Oyasumi, Mata ne x




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