only took 93..

Well, Plus the original 78 thats a grand total of 171 tie wraps to fix this bumper second time round..

So.. Touge shoot on Saturday with Thacko from, Got some sweet shots (more to come) with some nice dori dori gato action.. last corner resulted in a bad off.. seeing me left with a bumper in 4 pieces. Gutted. No biggy.. 78 Tie wraps + 4hours work and i got it back together.. On route to the meet on Sunday afternoon, I had a collision with an already dead rabbit on the road .. leaving me at the side of the road adding more and more wraps to get me to the meet.

New bumper may be on the cards.. Will have the meet pics up tomorrow folks.

From a very ill minto san (Due to dead rabbit + Subway food *more to come*)

Oyasumi ..



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