Dori Damage T_T

Kei Chan went for her MOT last thursday. No real quims as such, Problems with Rear fog light bulb (Since fitting the DMax Tails) and the Number plate bulb, And that was it.. took all day though. 

So 4 days in, Getting used to the power etc, Myself and Scotty decided to hit up some dorigato over at Drift Land. Alas.. Obviously while my s15 was in hibernation.. so was my skill. 

Nothing majour as you’ll agree, however being it a real Monkey Magic kit, Its not exactly going to be ‘cheap’ to get this replaced. So we’ll just have to keep it on and keep stiching her up. 

I have a Crail drift day lined up soon with the guys over at the SXOC ( So that should possibly help me get back into the ‘swing’ of things sort of speak ^_^ Off to Jays to add more stiches!

Mata ne, Arigato x



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