The Minty Fresh Imp : Day 2!

This afternoon I had pre-organised to see a friend of my Dad’s who owned a low loader to aid in the home coming of this little Imp.

Al, Bence and Myself headed on out into the wilderness yet again to collect the car and stick it onto the trailer. Was really easy to be honest! I sat insdie while she was pushed down the hill.. slightly worried with no brakes, i continued on down the slope and flew right up onto the trailer.. hmm slightly worried to be fair!

Never the less, We got it home in one piece. After a cup of tea and some talks of whats to be done we moved it in front of the garage and continued to on look and vision whats to be done! From the sounds of things.. Al has this well planned out! Full new interior, New engine, New shell (almost lol) full re-spray, new suspension, wheels brakes.. the lot to be honest! 

Custom dial surround, dished wheel with a nice bucket and harnesses fully protected with a full cage. Some super dishy rims and a serious slammage is on the cards.. Then there’s the engine. 

Today i got a litle histoy lessons on these old Hilmans. This model produced a sporting 33bhp. Inwith a car which weighs as much as Jay’s bonnet on the Super Lex.. its not too bad. However, The engine’s getting ripped out and replaced with a fully built Imp engine from a later spec Hilman Imp Sport (75hp) We can get this than 500kilo’s no problem 😉 haha. 

Day 1 of the strip out begins tomorrow! Well done to Al on the new Project! Now.. put the tea down and get to work!



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