Al’s new Project : ’65 Hilman Imp

Thats right, Mr Al-SiR-S, Who Became Al-SiR-Less.. has now become Al-Imp lol.

This afternoon a very hungover Minto and Lynch jumped in the back of Al’s Legacy to begin the trek out to the country to find the new Project car. A 1965 Hilman Imp. Left in a field for 15 years this thing is need of a good clean up sort of speak!

With the previous work Iv seen from Al i doubt this is going to be a challenge for him. From being a keen Honda head and a history of Tuning up Imps im really looking forward to whats in store for this little touge weapon.

Tomorrow were collecting a trailer (fingers crossed) and taking her home to Al’s garage, where all the fun will begin!



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