When it comes to Drifting.. the D1 is the Top of the ladder when it comes to Japanese Compo.. Now, Touge racers will tell you D1 is for people who cant handle the ‘real’ drift.

In all honestly, There’s alot of mixed opinon on whats more crazy and dangerous.. Mid night touge run’s with cliff drops only inch’s away.. or 100mph+ Entry speeds sitting  nextdoor to another 300+ ps powered Japanese RWD Smoke machine.. You be the Judge.. .

Was looking through some pics, And Iv come across this small collection.. Back in 2008 @ The Tokyo Auto Salon. I dont really do action / moving shots (As im not really good at it.. and tbh, Iv never ‘really’ tried) Anyway.. Here ya go folks. 

Im a little surprised how they came out, As i was standing in a seriously busy crowd at the time with my old cam (Fuji Finepix s7000) high in the sky pointing the general direction *NOTE : That isnt a DSLR! – lol* But there you have it anyways.

Oyasumi! – Another Day down.. another day closer to Japan again..


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