Tokyo Auto Salon : Part III

Well as stated many a time now.. The amount of photo’s i have from the Salon 09 is unreal! Im finding it hard between work and car things to do to get through them all to be honest!

Here is another small collection of snaps from the Salon this year tho! The lighting is seriously dodgy.. not the mention the shaky hands haha! Oh full of excuses ^_^

Things are all go aswell over on! Were in the middle of sorting out the events and coverage for this year’s majour tuner events in the UK. So look forward to updates on that! While in the mean time im trying my dab hand at setting the little Miata on her side tracks.. Fixing the Ichi Go to get her road ready for the future line ups.. not to mention sorting out Visa stuff and learning good ol Japanese!

Its going to be a very busy 2009 indeed! Thanks to all the followers tho, and the emails!



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