People.. we have progress!

Well after a long 2 months.. we’re ALMOST done these damm Volk GT-N’s. Its taken many a drunkern weekend and alot of Kitchen Roll however id like to think were almost done now.. thankfully!

We started work on these wheels back early Dec last year, And spent the odd weekend having a Jack and Coke and did a wee bit of work. However, After getting annoyed with the Ichi Go doing nout.. It was time to get down to work!

Looking forward to getting these back on Kei Chan and get them smoking some tracks down. 

Not much of an update im afraid.. however im back to work tomorrow (Longest time off EVER!) and need some sleep haha. Plan on firing up the s15 this week tho for the first time in 4months. Need a new rocker gasket and a can of V-Power from the local. Then we’ll see.

Arigato, Oyasumi x



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