ARC hotness for Kei Chan

Well in a record breaking time of around 4 days. My parts turned up from Abbey Road in Japan.

Couldnt believe how quick they got here, and yet to send some parts to Glasgow.. took 4 days. Unreal huh!? Anyways. I also got my rocker cover back the other day from a mate of mine (Al Who owned the Civic SiR-S) and to say the job was awsum.. is well, and understatment. Loving it!

Waiting for a rocker cover gasket before fitting it back on then fitting the FMIC back onto the ichi go. Then hopefully get some more parts sorted out – Awaiting on some amazing carbon fibre parts thanks to  EPracing, They should be popping along shortly i hope.

Off for a birthday drink with Mr X (a.k.a. Kyle now owns a DC2 Kyle) haha.




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