“Mr X” visit’s Ultimate Vehicles

Afternoon All, Well after work yesterday, Myself, Jay and Mr X headed on down the road south to meet up with Mick and Ally from Ultimate Vehicles in Glasgow. 

Ultimate Vehicles are the main Importers and trader over on JDMtas.com and specialise in Japanese Spec Drift cars. The cars they had sitting around there was amazing, From the UV’s Toyota JZX90 Mark II, to a Skyline R33 GTS with an impressive 500hp tuned RB25 ST. 

We were heading down to pick up a fresh import off the boat. It was non other than an early spec Integra Type R DC2 for one of the members of the “Minty Fresh Crew” – Due to it being night time that we got there, I have no pics, I do have some video’s tho from my trusty phone.

Also at the garage was a secret little treat. Ally the mechanic of Ultimate owns this gem. An RX7 FC3S, Sitting there with a full 2 way diff, K-Sport coils, Some Knight Sport goodies and a massive list of hot JDM parts, its set to be the next weapon on the dori track. Ally popped out to get some fuel for her and fired that rotary up. Amazing.

Big thanks to Mick and Ally from Ultimate Vehicles, Also to Ian (My JDM buddy) for meeting us last night and showing us the way. Top work as per by the Ultimate Team.

Their Site can be found here : www.ultimatevehicles.com




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