Tokyo Auto Salon: Part 2

Well being back at work now dosnt really compare to my spirit i had in Tokyo.. Today’s events consisted of fixing the Mazda ghetto style using a belt (More on that to come) and contacting a few people in regards to getting a Visa sorted out for my short stay ( lol ) in Japan.

Anyway, Here’s a few more snaps from the Salon to entertain you folks out there who ‘dont’ have to be awake at 4 in the morning


Tomorrow ^_^ some magic happens.. more to come with Friday’s updates! haha! Oyasumi folks! xx


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  1. Hey there, Nice work. I was wondering if we can exchange some information. What we do is feature photographers from different countries to showcase their work. We had other photographers that collaborated and end up working for companies. Just wondering if you are interested on collaborating.

    Thank you and best regards,



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