Wangan Express GTR Stylie!

Konban Wa All! Well as you know tonight was the night of the Daikoku Futo Meet. However, typical enough it rained and poured ALL day! I mean a serious down pour.

I had said to Ian earlier in the day while we were  munching it down in a Sushi bar in Akihabara.. “I dunno about tonight you know dude..” and true enough the meet was called off due to weather.. gutted. However, we decided to continue on with our journey out to Soka Station to meet up with an owner from the

We got there and right enough here comes a Purple R33 GTR rolling round the corner. We decided to head to a PA along the wangan and have a wee blast round Rainbow Bridge along the C1 Express way. Was something straight out of Midnight Raceway! Unreal. We met up with another R33 v-spec owner and headed along the Shuto Expressway to another PA for a chat and banter.

We then headed a funky ass Jazz house bar and started to down the Jack an Coke until we moved onto some Single Barrel. We got dropped off and now were off to bed for the Auto Salon tomorrow,… the event iv been waiting for now for 12months solid! Amazing!

Also.. the highlight of today.. Strawberry and Cream Sanny’s are the best thing in the world!!!! AND.. we tried Uni.. (Check Spelling ><) “Uni wa!?” – DAME! However.. im just glad i tried it tbh!

Anyways.. Oyasumi, and Arigato! ^_^


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