Hiroshima. Nuf sed..

Well finally i got to visit the city to which i have wanted to see for many.. many years now. However, To say it wasnt as hard hitting as i had built myself up for would be correct.

Some of the sights i have now seen tho will stay with me forever and i suppose at the end of the day thats what they aim to do with the items in the Hiroshima Hypocenter. I have a serious amount of photo’s from in and outside Hiroshima including the famous Peace Garden and Dome. However with my current weak connection im limited to what i can upload but i’ll give it a bash.

Tomorrow i have some Japanese friends to meet for Lunch, After were heading to Yokohama for some more car part shopping then heading over to Soka Station to get a lift to the Daikoku Futo Meet.

Back to the ‘wodka’ HAI! KANPAI!

Arigato ^_______^




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