Time for a re-spray

Well Some of you know.. some dont, I own a Silvia s15 Spec R. Its currently in Hibernation at the moment under go-in alot over the winter period with good help from all my friends.

Now at the moment she is un-taxed/mot’d etc to save some cash while i Jet set over to Japan and continue to collect parts in time for next season. Wheels are in getting re-furbed, Lights for the full works, Got the bushings and bearings to sort out aswell as the interior and engine bay. Anyway, The other night round at Al’s he came up with an idea i couldnt pass off.. With this in mind i set to work on getting my rocker off and round to his for some ‘treatment’ as the old Minty Fresh Green.. was starting to wear on me tbh. 

I have a serious amount of work ahead of me to get this car road worthy again but damm.. it’ll be worth it, and hopefully after some work from Mick and Aly at Ultimate Vehicles .. be kicking out a good fre more ponies too.

Arigato ^____^




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