Teh Granite City..

Well today myself and the Thacko went into town to grab some pictures. I went to check out some new Len’s for my Oly E-510. After i picked up all my Yen and Travel Cheques we proceeded on out to gander around the walls of granite to see what could catch our eye.

Thacko kindly let me borrow a polarizer and i was off. However, With lack of ‘real’ tripod and with the weather coming in nice and cold.. I was left to my own and at some point.. was using my Shoe as a bi pod! Worked a treat to be honest! So now im back in the way of shooting.. i should be set for next week’s Japanese Antics! Here are a few snaps from today.. Damm they suck compared to Thacko’s lol!

Arigato ^_^ – 2 Days to go w00t!




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