Iv been back

Ahh Japan. That good old Asian island on the ring of fire. Where the sun sets red, the cars tear up the touge and girls wear shorter shorts than Soph.. well, almost ;)  I think by now, most people have sorted tuned out of the fruit blog and in on the Minty.Fresh blog. Its true, most of the blogging time has been towards noonefresher. For good reasons though. Just to clear the confusion, Mintofruit is my own personal site, and No One Fresher is the group of us, where we all post shit. So its always wise to subscribe to both and that way.. when Iv got something worth posting about, you’ll know.

ANYWAY. Several members of Minty.Fresh including myself headed over to Japan for the Summer Matsuri held at Ebisu, in Nihonmastu. With a MASSIVE thanks to Andy and Emily from Powervehicles, I would first off like to wish them all the best with their wedding and the fun times to be had. Im almost certain, we’ll see you again though :)

This post however is just some photos from Yokohama. Mainly because trying to find time to edit photos, well.. there’s not much of it.

Check back often though – I’ll get through them and type up a report on the Summer Matsuri and the rest of our adventures in Japan.

Ahh good old Japan!

-Mata Ne

Minty Fresh Street..

Oh how I miss the summers we had. Here’s some photos of fitting some fog lights while having a little meet round at Jays.

The weather was nice.. the cars were there and alot of general banters going on. All good.

Present this day we had TK’s 3, G’s Evo, My MX, Jays 32 and Jeep, and Dans PS. The focus is Rorys.

The weather was good, TK taking the job as serious as ever!

Me as per being stressed over something!

Dan and Jay slamming the PS some mores.

It wont be long till all these cars are gone..

Gotta love some old skool evo loving!

Soph as pleasant as always :p x


Its FUGA Time!..

Well – Its been a while huh! Sorry for the lack of updates, In the time away I have collected a good selection of photos from Japan which should tie me over until the G1GP Event at Ebisu. Anywho, I wanna share some snap’s from a Nissan Fuga meet I attended in Japan with my good friend Neal and some of our other friends.

There’s no point in Simply re writing shit, So i’ll add up the photo’s and hot link you to the feature of on NICO (Nissan Infinity Car Owners)

Its the first time I got a chance to come across these 4 door machines in person.

I also got the chance to do a real shoot on Neals R33 GTR V-Spec. This car is CLEAN! (Note, You can just make out the ‘Scarab’ Sticker on the back there.)

At one of the PA’s We got talking to another group of people who had some really nice rides!

Aw snap!

And of course.. Some awsum shots from flying along on the Wangan!

Here’s the rest of the photos!

The link for the Nico review can be found here : http://www.nicoclub.com/archives/nissan-fuga-meet.html

Enjoi – Mata Ne!

Tokyo Auto Salon – Part 1 of 4

Well its taken almost 1 entire year, however Iv FINALLY now edited up HALF of the Photo’s from this years Tokyo Auto Salon based in Chiba.

Presents, Part 1 of 4.

Iv got the other half of these to upload tonight followed by Sundays photo’s to edit! Massive. In the mean time check out http://www.noonefresher.com, Were hosting a JZX Tribute week!

Mata Ne!

JAE 2010

Here’s JAE in photos from how I seen the weekend. Or didnt as the case may be.

The JAE Weekender, Something we as a group have been going to for a long time now! First off joining other clubs such as the Honda Tech UK stand, The Lexus Owners club and then finally a few years ago; The first ‘Minty Fresh’ stand! Last year we went under the JDMtas name and we took home the gold for Best club of the show 2009!

We entered again this year under JDMtas and had a cracking time away! Spawned over several days down in sunny Kettering, We started our long wekeend off with an early morning wake up call on the Thursday. With about 30+ members we took sale to the roads and begun our 9 hours drive south!

The drive didnt take too long to be honest, or it didnt seem so. There was pretty much no break downs or problems other than some people falling behind, others getting off at the wrong services or missing their turn off and the likes, but it was rather smooth.

We got to JAE to find, There was no ‘Low Bawler Entrance’ which we had been promised from last year.. so the MX5 got stuck on several speed mountains, which was a shame and didnt do my sump any favours!

For those who didnt go, you missed a fair weekend – There cant be much more said about this event, other than JDMtas getting 2 black flags by the Friday… Sorry John! First being with Dan doing some sideways entrance as he finally got down.. the second with my reversing into a fellow club’s banner. Bad times, however bills were paid, hands were shook and we got on with the weekend! Was a cracker of a time!

This car right here did it for me – Once id seen this, All other cars just seemed tame. A Toyota Chaser JZX100. The only 100 at the show and i fell in love! Rest as you see it!…

-Ja Ne!

JDMtas BBQ #1!

Summer as you all know is upon us! Its been hitting something large here as of recent times! JDMtas organised a last minute get together BBQ down the old Park for some Burgers, Booze and Banters! Check it out.

Gotta Loves some fine meat on the barby!

Read More! : 続きを読む


Wanna put a big thanks out first all the guys worldwide who have been supporting the fruit by grabbing these one off mintofruit.com; house of fruit stickers. All orders are through – And will be heading out to all corners of the globe ASAP!

Here’s some more snaps Iv found in the Salon 2010’s folder. – The question “What is Stance” has popped up alot recently on various boards nationwide iv found. There seems to be alot of different opinions on what ‘Stance’ actually is. I have my own thoughts and the way I see it.. If its not scrapping cats eyes on your daily drive.. you aint even started.

These on the other hand..

A good point to take into notice imo, Is the whole package though. Sure manly offset and nice dish is good but is the width is weak, or the ride height isnt low enough.. it wont have that complete pack.

Another thing id like to point out which I got into deep discussion with the other day, The explanation on why this post of pics are more ‘editted’ some would say is because I never started to take photos to be a photographer.. I took photo’s to be a graphic designer. I liked what could be done by the aid of good ol PS.

Id hope we all tell what this is out of..

Such a fantastic car – I wanted to give this car back of its retro edge and try make the snap kinda old fashioned.

If anyone wants one as paper, email me a resolution.


A visit to SCARAB, Japan.

So im up near Yashio with Neal cruising the suburbs of Tokyo in his R33 GTR V-Spec.. After stopping off at a few local Up Garages, we head on out towards a friend of Neals… SCARAB.

Local car garage ran by two of the nicest dudes you could meet. After taking an interest into the gorgeous RX7 FC3S, Saki decides to start shifting cars… Fired up the 420hp Rotary and out she came.

You can see the blue FD sitting there – This was their company famous car sort to speak. I actually spotted this at the Daikoku meet, and met the owner there.. turns out, he owns this place!.. This Rex is set up for grip, with the odd drifto drifto hear and there.

This was my first time in an FC, And I loved it.. so much so, I may be picking this up when im next up that direction.. who knows. Im sure you’ll all agree… epic.

After some runs up and down the river key we finished our Coffee’s and Neal passed me the keys to the GTR.. Off we went for the night, Headed over to Tomo’s bar.. and had an Epic night with Saki, Tomo and Neal. ‘That night I joined the brotherhood’ ..


Mint’s JDM Fit

Here’s a snap of my G Ride sitting in some Tokyo Backstreets along side Neil’s R33 GTR V-Spec.

Snapping in the directions for the sat nav, since its all in Japanese.. Ian decided to press .. everything, he was pro by the end of the night, however his route home including swinging past every shop, bank, petrol station, garden.. house… carpark, taxi rank.. etc .. etc, So as you can imagine, it was useless!

Ultimate win. Was great to be behind a wheel of a car again instead of all these trains.

-Ja Ne!


Today was the first day back at the Tokyo Bay Super Autobacs for just over a year! I was straight up stairs and with the help from some friends, ordering me up some Hotdogs and Po-Te-To’s! Sugoi Oishii!

(Please excuse my poor Japanese by the way)

Over the last year, they have changed the layout of this place totally, Took a minute to relocate everything I wanted to see. After having some issue’s ordering food.. I went for a browse in the Lind department for some nice cover to cover to keep me busy. While browsing some 180sx books, A young Oz lad asked if I spoke English, Being an s2k owner, we had a big ol ‘JDM’ chat and decided to do spent the next hour or so browsing stuff and laughing about some funny window cleaning products trying to figure out which one was the demo… “One looks shit, and the other looks dirty…” lol!

This PS13 was the first car id stumbled across on my trek to Autobacs. I noted it not due to the massive side graphics.. but due to the funny looking sticky out things on the rear window, hmm.. where have I seen that before? ^.^

Hmm.. I like his style.. bar the BGW not being big enough.. or gay enough.

After spending a few hours (no joke) browsing stuff, listening to random music and playing with all the headunit’s till I made my mind up, I decided to trek out into the car park, to see what took my fancy.

Some of you may remember this 2.5 Boosted weapon from earlier entries last year on Mintofruit. She’s still sitting here, Im going to check back my files to see if I can notice any upgrades.

Keep Note – TEIN’s New track beast for 2010! Shit’s Epic!

Lets see if we tick the boxes here.. R32, Check! Stripped Out, Check! White, Check! Lots of Gauges, CHECK! … Loving it!

From one end of the scale to the other.. here we have a sheer prime example of the R32 sitting all wrapped up in C@R Sales room. After a quick chat the sales man showed me just how uber clean this car was with the inside and bay.. you’d be proud to show your granny this car!

Sweet Jesus… Nuf sed for this!

Reasons like this badge alone.. are reasons enough for me to be here in all fair’ness…

I thankfully caught this owner just as he got in. After a quick conversation in broken Japanese/English I got to terms with this being use as a propar track slag. With all the possible spoon goodies possibly! Tuned by non-other than Type-ONE the owner was going in to buy some kind of cleaning product from what I gathered.. hmm.. hope its not that window stuff, heard its crap!

No Photoshop required.. These caliper’s make babies weep with Joy.. gots to love some Brand Whoring!

This HAS to be the cleanest AE86 Sprinter Trueno I have ever laid my eyes on. With all option extra’s Including the fogs and this cool looking rear window spoiler thing.. So nice! Pictures do not do this car Justice!

Right need to sleep! Its like almost half 3 here and I need to be awake tomorrow to meet Ross and Gus.. Ugh, Alarm.. Dont fail me now!