Day 29


Vindi Duckbill spoiler. Vindi is a member of the forum. A UK based MX5 forum and IMO one of the best this side of the pond.

Vindi is a good lad. He’s always up to something new and creative. This wing took the market when first released and did really well.. I had to have one.

Day 21


A Mini and a Mazda. A healthy combination. Its day 21 of my photo busting tribute. Bored yet? The shots were all taken at various locations and im going from top to bottom working to the middle to get them out there.

Feel free to share around.

Day 20


Today I was informed Instagram went shit. After being bought by Facebook for $1 BILLION .. It today informed the world that it was going to be selling the photo’s that you upload. You no longer own any of the photo’s come January. You also cannot ‘opt out’ from it come then either, so thanks to Jeff I closed my account today. Its the principal of the thing. ..

However this year I have been lazy with the photo’s. 2013 I’ll be back with the SLR in hand to provide the quality that should be here. Bye bye iPhone pics.