DAY 11


To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.

Day 7


A week in. Thanks to those who have been checking daily. Keep sharing and spreading the pics.. Were gonna pick up another 5 soon for 2013.

Everyone be safe out there on the roads.

Iv been back

Ahh Japan. That good old Asian island on the ring of fire. Where the sun sets red, the cars tear up the touge and girls wear shorter shorts than Soph.. well, almost ;)  I think by now, most people have sorted tuned out of the fruit blog and in on the Minty.Fresh blog. Its true, most of the blogging time has been towards noonefresher. For good reasons though. Just to clear the confusion, Mintofruit is my own personal site, and No One Fresher is the group of us, where we all post shit. So its always wise to subscribe to both and that way.. when Iv got something worth posting about, you’ll know.

ANYWAY. Several members of Minty.Fresh including myself headed over to Japan for the Summer Matsuri held at Ebisu, in Nihonmastu. With a MASSIVE thanks to Andy and Emily from Powervehicles, I would first off like to wish them all the best with their wedding and the fun times to be had. Im almost certain, we’ll see you again though :)

This post however is just some photos from Yokohama. Mainly because trying to find time to edit photos, well.. there’s not much of it.

Check back often though – I’ll get through them and type up a report on the Summer Matsuri and the rest of our adventures in Japan.

Ahh good old Japan!

-Mata Ne


TK & Myself head on down to London – For a chromeo concert.. and end up in Fabric Live!?..

Being massive Chromeo fans that we are, when the opportunity arose for us to head south of the border to go check these dudes out jamming some g-tar and talk box we had to ensure there was no way we were gonna miss out! We got our tickets super early, sorted the flights out.. hotels.. basic plans for what else to do and see and 3 weeks before the gig.. it was announced Chromeo has cancelled their London show, due to a sore throat .. Pretty miffed off, TK checked up and found out DJ Hype was playing live at Fabric Live that night, so we decided to maintain our plans and get on board our flight outa the granite city scape!

London is one place, im not a fan of. If I could avoid going to that city in the future, I will indeed try my hardest not to. So you can imagine I wasnt exactly too stoked on going especially since Dave and P Thug had pulled out. However, Tk convinced me it would be some good times to be had and I did need a break from work and the norm.. So meh. One thing about London I came to realise was just how, ‘fake’ it was.. I could best describe it like going to Lego Land. Everything was so false and just ‘there’. Non the less, there was some cool shit to see as a tourist.

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Old skool

Its been sooooooo long since I have posted on here – I need to change that, Got photos to edit and im off to Japan in August for the Matsuri and the G1GP. More to come on that.

I have been in London with TK – I messed about with some pictures while we were getting drunk.

mmm i miss this. OEM Arch flared… WIN!

Ja Ne