Its FUGA Time!..

Well – Its been a while huh! Sorry for the lack of updates, In the time away I have collected a good selection of photos from Japan which should tie me over until the G1GP Event at Ebisu. Anywho, I wanna share some snap’s from a Nissan Fuga meet I attended in Japan with my good friend Neal and some of our other friends.

There’s no point in Simply re writing shit, So i’ll add up the photo’s and hot link you to the feature of on NICO (Nissan Infinity Car Owners)

Its the first time I got a chance to come across these 4 door machines in person.

I also got the chance to do a real shoot on Neals R33 GTR V-Spec. This car is CLEAN! (Note, You can just make out the ‘Scarab’ Sticker on the back there.)

At one of the PA’s We got talking to another group of people who had some really nice rides!

Aw snap!

And of course.. Some awsum shots from flying along on the Wangan!

Here’s the rest of the photos!

The link for the Nico review can be found here :

Enjoi – Mata Ne!

Tokyo Auto Salon – Part 1 of 4

Well its taken almost 1 entire year, however Iv FINALLY now edited up HALF of the Photo’s from this years Tokyo Auto Salon based in Chiba.

Presents, Part 1 of 4.

Iv got the other half of these to upload tonight followed by Sundays photo’s to edit! Massive. In the mean time check out, Were hosting a JZX Tribute week!

Mata Ne!

JDMtas Meet Photos.

JDMtas (Japanese Track & Street) are still going strong, With the monthly meets held the first Sunday of each month its getting big.

Here’s some shots from the Sept meet we held. We ended up taking over part of the upper level and had security out numerous times. After the usual catch up sesh, photo bash and look see, we take a wonder in down stairs for a coffee followed by some food, be it at yO Sushi, Frankies, or just where ever people see fit!

Last night seen the October meet. Not as big as last month but still good to meet up with people again and see some new cars on the scene like the new s15 rolling round Aberdeen and Leith’s GT4. We popped down for some spanking burgers and pizza with pints in Frankies.

Great meet, thanks to all who showed up :D

-Ja Ne

JAE 2010

Here’s JAE in photos from how I seen the weekend. Or didnt as the case may be.

The JAE Weekender, Something we as a group have been going to for a long time now! First off joining other clubs such as the Honda Tech UK stand, The Lexus Owners club and then finally a few years ago; The first ‘Minty Fresh’ stand! Last year we went under the JDMtas name and we took home the gold for Best club of the show 2009!

We entered again this year under JDMtas and had a cracking time away! Spawned over several days down in sunny Kettering, We started our long wekeend off with an early morning wake up call on the Thursday. With about 30+ members we took sale to the roads and begun our 9 hours drive south!

The drive didnt take too long to be honest, or it didnt seem so. There was pretty much no break downs or problems other than some people falling behind, others getting off at the wrong services or missing their turn off and the likes, but it was rather smooth.

We got to JAE to find, There was no ‘Low Bawler Entrance’ which we had been promised from last year.. so the MX5 got stuck on several speed mountains, which was a shame and didnt do my sump any favours!

For those who didnt go, you missed a fair weekend – There cant be much more said about this event, other than JDMtas getting 2 black flags by the Friday… Sorry John! First being with Dan doing some sideways entrance as he finally got down.. the second with my reversing into a fellow club’s banner. Bad times, however bills were paid, hands were shook and we got on with the weekend! Was a cracker of a time!

This car right here did it for me – Once id seen this, All other cars just seemed tame. A Toyota Chaser JZX100. The only 100 at the show and i fell in love! Rest as you see it!…

-Ja Ne!

A visit to K-Style, Nihonmatsu

While up drifting at the world famous Ebisu, Andy took me in past K-Style to meet Kumakubo-san, and see some of their line up for the 2010 seasons ahead.

Located up in Nihonmatsu, its safe to say, things there are a little more laid back from the busier city type of the gaijin populated Tokyo.

Read more.. 続きを読む

J-LINE Suzuki Wagon R

Here’s a quick snap from the Sunday of the Tokyo Auto Salon.. A car well deserved of its stanced title.

J-Line tuned, Suzuki Wagon R demo car.

These little Kei cars are massive all over Japan – So to see that their fully catered for aswell as the bigger toys.. is good for Joe Public.

-Mata ne


YOKOHAMA Super Autobacs, Only a few trains away from Tokyo station, Its well worth the trek. Ian had been rabbitin on for years about wanting to go check this place out, So a spare day we had we headed on out.

Located a short walk away from the main station, It’s actually rather tricky to come across. With some help from the locals we found ourselves there.

The selection of parts in this one was massive. Alot more than the one in Shinonome. To get to the Autobacs you have to walk through the Nissan building, being so stoked to get there we just walked on through, So we hit up on route home.

Oh and the girls in this Nissan building, are some of the hottest in the prefecture.. no joke!  Iv got alot more snaps of the Autobacs in various other random locations. I really need to get those Auto Salon pics sorted too.. and edit the skid video from Ebisu too.


Daikoku Futo

“Just follow the C1 all the way till you see signs for the C2.. then head off towards Yokohama Park and the k4″… you’ll soon know when you get there.

This was my first time at Daikoku, and I was more than impressed. The amount of cars for the turn out before the Salon was pretty epic! Full of some super sweet rides! All things from super slammed VIP rollers, to Drifto and Grip weapons to the Bosozuka them selfs..

I got a video on the samsung of those guys basically annoying everyone there. What a noise they made! So when the police turned up, they made a scarp and heading back up onto the wangan.

When we left they had all been caught! Well.. thats what we thought, I was speaking to Dino yesterday and word on the street was that one of them fell off their bike.. a passanger, who was 90% likely to be female, So.. thats a bit rubbish.

For those who dont know what Daikoku Futo is. Its basically a giant PA (Parking Area) off the Wangan (Express Way  / Motorway) Which links Tokyo to Yokohama. This is basically the same as a UK Service station on the M6. But 10x the size, and an attraction to all things car related. Many companies / teams and shops organise meets here at Daikoku with some of the biggest names in the market showing face for certain events.

Now though, the police seem to be in force to boot everyone out rather early on.

After the Daikoku meet, Neil asked me to jump back into the Fit and head off up onto the wangan towards Tokyo. We hit up some more PA’s containing some sheer amazing cars, chatting away about how it is to actually live here with jobs, flats and the likes.

Was all a tad odd to me, I mean there was a fully prepped time attack NSX sitting next to me, a time attack FD3S, among a shed load of other amazing cars.. stuff like big single R34’s and then a ‘mint’ condition yellow RX7 rolled up and parked up.. and it just seemed the norm. . . After some more driving and a quick Wangan battle with his R33 v-Spec (he won) we found ourself’s at yet another PA and got some food / drinks, checked out the other cars and then got into some banter with the Japanese lads.

The white 14 you see was owned by Tsuji since 1996. He’s a grip driver running a T28 bb turbine, HKS full Hi-Power system and show’s his stuff up at Ebisu, I showed him the Ichigo to which he approved and we jumped back in and cruised home to the C1 for some tokyo win.

Was the best night of my Japanese experience so far.. off to bed though, Salon’s done with. Not anything amazing imo, worse than last year but was to be expected. Off to Up Garage tomorrow morning then Autobacs (again) then Ebisu drifting on Wednesday with Andy.

So far.. this place, the cars.. the food, the girls, the drifters… the gaijin.. are all full of utter WIN!.. the only let down? Was Nomuken.. that boy’s a bit of twat.


Missed our train walk…

Iv now been back to Super Autobacs in Tokyo Bay 3 times so far. Here’s some snaps from the second trip, Tonight’s epic voyage shows up a shed load more brilliant cars, Including a Yellow S15 Spec R, Some noice JZX100’s and many more.. for now, Here’s some random snaps!

Lovely Z Car.

Yet another, R32. Common as muck here at Shinonome it seems!

This.. Is ONE clean Golf! In such a clean space of work!

So in we went and played about for a long ass time! :D I love this damm place!

Try before you buy right? lol.

So the other night we were haning out over in Shibuya doing some honey hunting, Among all the antics.. we totally forgot that we had missed the last train out that joint.. To give you an idea how far we had to go.. when asking the girl in Shibuya JR Station how long would it take, She laughed so hard.. and said.. “hmm.. maybe, 5.. or 6 hours. Maybe!” then continue to ‘keel’ over.


So off we went.. With no real Idea on which direction, We headed towards Nihonbashi.. and kept walking.. and walking… and followed this, with more walking!

We seen some pretty sweet things though!

FAO OF SCOTTY! Dude.. you seeing this? This photo was taken JUST for you boi! See whats to the left of the normal milk Dars?.. yeah roy! SUGOI!

Classic kinda slow shutter bag of WIN!

Found a Lexus garage.. somewhere! lol!

Check this dude! At the time, We thought he was the coolest thing we had seen all trip! Bearing in mind.. this was after say 3/4 hours of walking.. non stop.

After spending a while in Mc Donalds scranning up.. we got going and continued to head east. Stopping off for more hot coffee.. we found the Fish market, at this point.. we thought we’ll wait till its open, thankfully we didnt! As it was sunday, and very not open!

A wee bit along the road over some bridges we came across non-other than the boso dudes themselfs, Sitting stupidly flat out on their bikes with lots of noise and lights past the police.. there was a fair few of them! End of the story, After over 6 hours of walking, We got lost, turned around to find we’d been walking in the wrong direction. So we found a train and went home!

An Epic night was to be had,

This for me.. was the highlight. I have no idea whats going on in this photo, but it was hella hard to snap it. Some kind of mixed gundam with a building. Sorta fused together. This thing was so damm cool ! Id just had to be snapped!

Were currently going to do an all nighter, head out for Coffee and beer then see Ross and Gus in the morning for the early doors Shinkansen to Hiroshima!

-Mata Ne


As said in previous posts, the VIP has hit Tokyo large it seems. The Sheer amount of VIP rides rolling around is nuts.

Although this may not tick all the boxes for being VIP at all.. it ticks my 4 door love box, and it was sitting waiting for me outside the hostel.

Right.. on another note, Ian just called from Scotland.. “Eh Dude.. you know how im flying out on friday? Well.. im not, Im flying out tomorrow!’

haha fool.. Oh, and Iv discovered.. OREO White Chocolate = THE WIN!